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Mayor says two Cancun cops separated from duties after allegations of corruption

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun mayor Ana Patricia Peralta says two of the city’s police officers have been temporarily dismissed for criminal acts against citizens. In a public statement Friday, Peralta said that the two officers, who have not been identified, were separated from their positions after being accused of corruption.

She said due to the evidence presented, without saying what that was, both officers have been removed from duty after stripping a citizen of his belongings. The Honor and Justice Commission will make the final decision on the fate of those officers, she said.

In her video message, Peralta said “I want to inform you that we are not going to tolerate any act of corruption against citizens. The police officers have already been suspended from their duties and with the current evidence, the Honor and Justice Commission will determine the removal and final dismissal of these two elements due to corruption.”

The officers are accused of stealing the personal belongings of a citizen in SM 251 during a stop. Peralta did not provide details of the stop or other information regarding the accusations against the officers.