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Mayor says Cancun working to avoid repeat of airport access chaos

Cancun, Q.R. — Traffic chaos to get to the Cancun International Airport Wednesday left hundreds late for flights. A newly created diversion to the airport through the Cancun Hotel Zone generated nearly a three-hour long line of backed up traffic.

On Wednesday, the administration of the Cancun International Airport, ASUR, reported that in view of the vehicular chaos on Luis Donaldo Colosio and Kukulkan Boulevards due to construction, they were working to support travelers.

“Chaos is being created outside the airport. For our part, we are attentive to help the authorities in what corresponds to us. The airlines are supporting passengers as far as possible so as not to lose their flights and if so, accommodate them. We are coordinating with the government to better address this situation,” ASUR said in a statement.

Transit police were called in the help direct traffic due to a new airport diversion route.

Alejandro Rosel, manager of Institutional Relations of the Airport, said that the chaos was caused by recent road changes due to the remodeling of the main boulevard into the city.

Regarding the effects on the flights, Aeropuertos del Sureste (Asur) reported 37 flights were delayed. Dozens of tourists were seen walking the remainder of the way to the airport with luggage in hand in order to make their flights.

Hundreds of tourists were seen pulling their luggage by hand the remainder of the stretch to the airport to avoid missing flights due to the standstill traffic.

By evening, Tránsito de Cancún reported moving roadways. Cancun mayor Ana Patricia Peralta posted on social media that they were working to avoid a repeat of the traffic chaos that took place Wednesday.

“For a few hours we have been in a meeting with federal, state and municipal authorities to avoid road damage like today’s in the federal section of access to the airport,” she posted late Wednesday night.