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Mayor reports 1.8 million tourists expected in Playa del Carmen for upcoming holidays

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The city of Playa del Carmen is expecting the arrival of 1.8 million tourists over the upcoming holiday season. On Monday, mayor Lili Campos announced the start of increased security throughout the municipality due to the anticipated arrival.

On social media, Campos said “Solidaridad is now ready to receive more than 1.8 million tourists. We gave the signal start for the Winter Operational Plan, headed by SPC Solidaridad who will work to safeguard Solidaridad and tourists who visit us this Christmas season.”

“We are going to receive all those tourists, the municipal government is ready for it. I asked the cabinet to double efforts to guarantee the wellbeing of those 1.8 million visitors with the support of Sedena and the naval station of the Secretary of the Navy, among other authorities,” explained Lili Campos.

The holiday security operation was launched on December 9 with the participation of 958 municipal police officers. Campos says those officers will be present in the streets to guarantee the safety and order of tourists and locals.

She also noted that the municipality has begun the installation of additional security cameras to reinforce surveillance along Fifth Avenue, its cross streets and the beaches as well as Villas del Sol.

César Flores Sánchez, Secretary of Solidaridad Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Firefighters, recalled that in previous operations, holiday seasons have ended without incident.

Over 950 police will patrol PDC streets during the holidays.
Photo: Ayuntamiento de Solidaridad

He said that the beaches have 16 certified lifeguards who work in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security, as well as with the naval search and rescue station of the 15th Naval Station.

Sánchez says that in the division, they are coordinated with lifeguards from the hotels, the naval search and rescue station and those from Civil Protection Secretariat in order to safeguard the thousands of beachgoers who are expected to start hitting the beaches in coming days.