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Massive pyrotechnics explosion levels home, kills one

Kanasin, Yucatán — One dead, one missing and three injured is the result of a massive house explosion in a town outside Mérida that could be seen for kilometers.

The explosion, which took down two other homes, happened just after 7:00 p.m. New Year’s Eve in a house in Colonia Francisco Villa Oriente in the city of Kanasín east of Mérida, Yucatán. According to information from the Secretary of Public Security, Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda, the mishandling of gunpowder caused the accident.

“It was due to pyrotechnics that there was an explosion. Unfortunately, a home was completely destroyed. A person of legal age also died on the property. Apparently his wife was with him, but they have not found her,” he said.

Members of National Defense participated in the search for bodies. One child was found alive among the rubble after the explosion. Three minors were reported injured in the explosion, which took place in a clandestine pyrotechnic warehouse.

In total, three properties were affected. One was completely destroyed while the other two suffered severe damage.