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Massive 18 car pile up claims two lives

Puebla-Orizaba, Puebla — A massive 18-car pile up along a Puebla highway has left two dead and numerous others injured after thick fog rolled into the area.

The long line of cars began piling up after police say thick fog decreased driver’s visibility, causing an incredible chain reaction. In total, 18 vehicles were involved in the crash resulting in two deaths. The accident began along the Puebla-Orizaba highway at the height of Esperanza.

One of the vehicles involved in the crash was an AU bus line. Cars began colliding at 12:30 p.m. which is when police and ambulances rushed to the site reporting dozens of wounded.

Federal authorities have confirmed the death of two, noting that the damage suffered by the vehicles was substantial. The highway was closed in both directions for several hours while police sorted through the metal rubble.