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March sees Zofemat remove an excess of 140 tons of Sargassum from Cozumel beach

Cozumel, Q.R. — The government of Cozumel says that so far in March, more than 140 tons of sargassum has been cleared from the eastern side of the island. Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis has reported the clean up and removal of both solid waste and sargassum by the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat).

The Director of Cozumel Zofemat, Ricardo Lizama Escalante, pointed out that during the week of March 15 to 19, over 37 tons of sargassum and 808 kilos of solid waste were removed from the island beach. Escalante added that in March alone, more than 141 tons of algae was collected along with an excess of 2.6 tons of solid waste.

“We carry out these cleaning projects in order to guarantee citizens and visitors clean beaches, which are commissioned by the mayor,” he said.

Sargassum cleaning has also already begun around Isla Mujeres with the island recently removing 50 tons of the seaweed, which arrived earlier than anticipated.