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Man arrested after trying to pay Tulum taxi driver cab fee with bag of cocaine

Tulum, Q.R. — After being caught with several hundred street does of narcotics, Victor N was transferred to Tulum jail where he will wait for further legal proceedings. Police in Tulum located and arrested Victor Friday around 4:30 a.m. after he attempted to pay for his taxi ride with drugs.

Since the payment exchange was not of interest to the driver, he hailed down a surveillance police unit. Once stopped, the Tulum taxi driver explained to officers what had happened, that he had just been offered a bag of cocaine to pay the fee of a passenger’s taxi ride.

From the taxi driver’s description, police were successful in locating Victor on the corner of Omega Street. When conducting a security review, police found hundreds of doses of various narcotics along with an undisclosed sum of Mexican and American cash and ammunition for a handgun.

Police detailed finding 194 bags of cocaine, 3 bags of marijuana and 438 psychotropic pills, among other items, which lead to his arrest.