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Man accused of extorting Cancun business for 8 months jailed

Cancun, Q.R. — An extortion report in SM 13 of Central Cancun has landed one in jail. On Tuesday, the Benito Juárez Municipal Secretariat reported on the arrest 26-year-old Jorge “N” for extortion.

Cancun officers responding to the emergency call for assistance arrived to find the victim who said the armed man had been coming to his place of business for eight months demanding money.

The victim said he arrives armed, demanding money for “floor rights” while threatening staff with his gun. The business owner said he was told that if he refused to pay, more armed men would arrive.

The owner of the Cancun business identified the man who had been threatening him and his staff for the past eight months. Cancun police arrested the 26-year-old on charges of extortion.