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LP gas plant explodes in Hidalgo

Chimalpa, Hidalgo — The cause for a series of explosions at an LP gas plant in the community of Chimalpa remains unknown. Based on information provided by police and relief forces, the reason for a pipe, which began burning causing a chain of explosions, remains unknown.

Firefighters and Civil Protection spent the day developing logistics for the entry of relief forces into the gas plant where at least two tanks exploded. Authorities were concerned that flames would reach the plant’s central fuel tank.

The explosions happened around 6:30 p.m. causing approximately 40 firemen from surrounding municipalities to rush to the site. Firemen from Almoloya, Emiliano Zapata, the state capital, as well as Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala were deployed.

Elements of the Municipal and State police from the surrounding municipalities carried out highway flagging for traffic. Four ambulances and 10 paramedics were also on site, however, no injuries had been reported.

The explosion was classified as a high-impact emergency with officials saying the station watchman was unharmed, however,they did not rule out the possibility of people on site.