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López Obrador says they are making progress on the battle against fuel theft

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador led the meeting of the Security Cabinet in Veracruz , where he confirmed the downward trend in fuel theft.

In a morning press conference, he said that this crime has decreased considerably in Veracruz, where there is a record of 53.6 million liters of fuel recovered and 631 clandestine outlets located since 2018.

In a press release, he explained that Hidalgo is the state with the most clandestine taps with 5,269, followed by the State of Mexico with 2,056, Pubela with 916, Tamaulipas with 672, Guanajuato 503, Baja California 405, Jalisco 399, 350 in Nuevo León and 330 in Tlaxcala.

Federal security forces constantly monitor the nearly 3,000 kilometers of pipelines throughout the country.