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José María Morelos residents collect hail after sudden arrival of cool air

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Hail was collected by residents of José María Morelos Friday night after the passing of a storm. The sky, which began to darken late Friday, was followed by lightning and eventual rain that left the ground littered with hail.

The solid pieces of rainwater was collected by residents in the Mayan community of Sabán as the system passed over the state. Other communities along the Ruta de las Iglesias were also affected by the storm.

Residents in Huay Max, X-Cabil and Sacalaca also reported seeing hail. Recent high daytime temperatures contrasted with the sudden arrival of cool air Friday evening. By the time night officially arrived, the mixture created an impressive lightning and hail storm.

Antonio Morales, Solidaridad meteorologist, explained that the passage of the trough through the western region of the state generated unstable weather, which has included strong winds.

The sky quickly darkened Friday that resulted in hail. Photo: March 22, 2024.

The system passed Friday night, leaving residents to wake up to a cool morning Saturday.