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Jorge Aguilar Osorio resigns from Cancun City Council to join Governor Mara Lezama

Cancun, Q.R. — After nearly eight months in office, Jorge Aguilar Osorio is moving on to a state position. The General Secretary of the Benito Juárez City Council gave his resignation to Cancun Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña Tuesday.

On social media, the now-former Cancun City Council member said that he is joining Governor Mara Lezama’s team.

“Today I submitted my resignation to the City Council and thanked the Mayor for her consideration and trust in having me here during these months of transition and well, to the colleagues in the cabinet, to the councilors and to thank them again for their trust,” he posted.

Aguilar Osorio is set to lead the Todos por la Paz (All for Peace) state program which started in Cancun, but is expanding to all the state’s municipalities. He said that his full position has not yet been defined, but he will be Program Coordinator.

“A few years ago we designed a program called Todos por la Paz that we have been implementing in Cancun. We have already had a meeting with the state cabinet to extend it to the rest of the state since it is a comprehensive program that involves all state government agencies,” he explained.

“There was a formal invitation, so we are eventually going to sit down with Cristina Torres and of course, with the Governor, for this issue,” he said.

Aguilar Osorio clarified that his leaving Cancun City Hall was only due to the invitation to join the state government.

“The truth is that it all has to do with this invitation made by the state government. You know that I was working on the team of the governor and today, fortunately, they require our presence there for whatever the situation may be, so we will gladly continue on the team that brought us here,” he commented.

Cancun City Council has not yet announced a new Secretary General to replace Aguilar Osorio.