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Jalisco judge who granted immediate extradition protection for U.S. most wanted steps back from case

Jalisco, Mexico — The federal judge who granted immediate extradition protection to one of the U.S. most wanted has stepped back from the case. Federal Judge Francisco Reséndiz Neri removed himself from the case of Rafael Caro Quintero after he granted the extradition protection two days earlier.

Judge Nero argued that due to territorial conditions, it is up to a District Judge of the State of Mexico to continue with the Amparo trial since Caro Quintero was imprisoned in the Federal Center for Social Readaptation located in that state.

Caro Quintero, 69, was granted immediate extradition protection after his sister petitioned the court. In order for Caro Quintero to be handed over to the U.S. authorities now, he will go through the corresponding extradition procedure.

After his July 15 arrest, the United States announced that it would seek his “immediate extradition”.

Anne Milgram, head of the DEA, said that it was the result of the joint work of the agency and Mexico, although the embassy later clarified that no U.S. personnel participated in the tactical operation.

The U.S. has accused Caro Quintero of organized crime, criminal association and the kidnapping and murder of a DEA Special Agent in 1985.