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Isla Mujeres tourists asked to let sea turtles complete nesting cycle

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Environmentalists on Isla Mujeres say they are ready for sea turtle season, adding that last year was the lowest number of turtle nests on record.

Delfine Guadalupe García Canto, director of Tortugranja said that this year, the program will include surveillance and rescue of turtle nests through night patrols with the support of volunteers.

She added that during 2018, only 365 nests with an average of 100 eggs each were rescued, making it the lowest recorded figures.

The municipality of Isla Mujeres, through the Tortugranja organization, has begun the 2019 program of protection and conservation of the sea turtles and say this year, they expect an approximate 1,500 nests.

She says they have implemented a series of programs where the eggs are protected until hatching and released into the sea. She says since the areas where turtles usually nest are tourist sites, she is calling on domestic and foreign tourists to respect the signs to care for the turtles.

“There are places that are marked where they have signs that say that it is a nesting area for turtle eggs. The most important thing is to respect those signs that exist. If they say no ATVs, respect that,” said García Canto.

She added that along with respecting posted signs, tourists are not to touch the turtles seen laying eggs on the beaches, adding that they should also not try to photograph them or try to help them. Let the turtles complete their nesting cycle, she says.