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Isla Mujeres city council approves Aguakan formal notice

Isla Mujeres, Q,.R. — After a meeting, members of la Cabildo de Isla Mujeres unanimously approved giving formal notice to water concessionary Aguakan for non-compliance with the drinking water, sewerage, sanitation and wastewater treatment service.

The warning came from municipal president Juan Carrillo Soberanis who says this could be the first step to revoking the concession.

“Unanimously, the Cabildo of Isla Mujeres approved to issue a formal notice to the company Desarrollos Hidráulicos de Cancún SA de CV for the deficiencies and irregularities of the work carried out on the road to Punta Sur and the breach of the work delivery agreement,” said Carrillo Soberanis adding “this step represents a probable revocation of concession to the company DHCAguakan.”

Carrillo Soberanis, who headed the latest city council meeting, explained that with the council agreement, they have authorized the issuance of a written notice in which la Cabildo de Isla Mujeres, in its capacity as grantor, notifies the company Desarrollos Hidráulicos de Cancún SA DE CV of deficiencies or irregularities notorious in the exercise of the concession that it maintains with the Commune.

He also said that the purpose of the concession is to provide citizens with basic quality services, but that the company causes constant inconvenience, placing them in breach.

“We are exercising what the law dictates to us and, accordingly, we are notifying them they are breaking the agreement that was agreed upon which is a cause for their revocation (the concession). We do not see progress in infrastructure or in the services that the company provides in the municipality and even on the mainland of Isla Mujeres, for which the City Council is investing,” he explained.

He says the Aguakan company has 30 days to respond, and that failing to comply may cause the revocation of the concession.