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INM transfer 20 from central Cancun after being abandoned by traffickers

Cancun, Q.R. — Nearly two dozen migrants were abandoned by human traffickers in Cancun Sunday morning. The group of 20 were left on their own on the side of a highway at around 3:00 a.m.

They walked into central Cancun and finally stopped at an open bus depot in search of help. The group of 17 adults and three minors were located by authorities who were told how they had been abandoned by their captors.

They were being kept in a criminal safe house along the federal highway that leads to the state of Campeche. They are reported to have told police that they were driven from Campeche by men dressed in military police uniforms. As they entered Cancun, the men reportedly robbed them of their documents before abandoning the group.

There is concern now that the documents will be used for extortion purposes against their families.

The group of 20 Salvadorian migrants began to walk in search of help Sunday morning, finally reaching the bus station. They were eventually transferred to a federal government shelter at the National Migration Institute (INM) in Cancun where they remain.