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INM finds 225 illegal immigrants waiting for smuggler in warehouse

Jilotepec, State of Mexico — The National Migration Institute (INM) of the Ministry of the Interior has identified 225 foreign migrants rescued from a warehouse Saturday night. According to the INM, 225 illegal migrants were located around midnight inside a warehouse in the municipality of Jilotepec, State of Mexico, while waiting for a smuggler.

In a press release, the INM reported both minors and adults were located with backpacks and blankets. The group, which were found in overcrowded conditions, were waiting to be transferred by the so-called “polleros” (a smuggler person who moves migrants) to the north of the country.

Federal INM agents, with support of the National Guard and the Secretary of National Defense, helped in securing and identifying those found. The INM says of those located in the warehouse, 194 were from Guatemala, 14 from Honduras, nine from Nicaragua, five from Cuba and three from El Salvador.

They were taken at the request of the immigration authority, to continue with the legal proceedings, as well as to provide them with care and humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, two persons of Mexican nationality and three transport units were secured on the property and made available to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.