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Homemade spike belts found along highway

Cancun, Q.R. — Agents of the Federal Police of Quintana Roo say they have found two homemade spike belts along the Chetumal-Escárcega section of highway that are used by criminals to stop vehicles such as cargo trucks.

José Alfonso Bello Ochoa, commander of the Preventive Security Operative Unit in the south of the state confirmed the finding earlier this week by federal police. He says police found two homemade spike belts, one of which was made from a piece of 2.5 meter-long wood inlaid with pointed spikes of metal.

The second was about the same length and outfitted with cut tubing. Both were found hidden in brush near Xpujil.

Police made the find after a public report was made to federal agents Tuesday afternoon. He says after the report, federal agents proceeded to the route and, upon inspection of that stretch of road, they managed to locate the objects hidden several meters off the highway along a dirt road.

There have been similar reports by some Cancun drivers who claim to have seen similar “poncha llantas” on Colosio Avenue and Bonampak Avenue.

Criminals use the belts to stop cargo transport trucks to rob them.