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Hard brake sets motion for eight vehicle crash outside Chetumal

Chetumal, Q.R. — A multi-vehicle accident was attended to by Chetumal police Saturday due to frayed cables. The eight-vehicle chain reaction accident happened when one vehicle stopped to avoid becoming entangled in the dangling cables.

From there, several others were quickly part of the chain reaction. The accident was reported Saturday afternoon less than one kilometer from the entrance to the city of Chetumal.

According to early information, the weight of a passing semi caused several highway cables to fray. A Jeep that had just happened upon the cables braked hard to avoid them.

The vehicles behind him ended up in a chain rear-end reaction that included seven more vehicles. Only two of the involved vehicles received minor damage. One female driver was transferred to hospital for a neck injury.

The accident scene was attended to by police, paramedics and the Chetumal fire department. With the exception of the female driver, no one else required a hospital transfer.