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Guardia Nacional catch half-a-ton pot parcel bound for Cancun

Guadalajara, Jalisco — More than half a ton of pot bound for Cancun was intercepted in the Guadalajara International Airport. The box of marijuana was found by Guardia Nacional personnel during an X-ray of packages.

National Guard secured 598 kilos of apparent marijuana from a parcel company that was intended to be sent to an address in Cancun. The interception included 53 cardboard boxes.

The discovery was made during random checks inside the package area of the Guadalajara International Airport

“National Guard personnel identified 53 cardboard boxes which were destined for the municipality of Benito Juárez – Cancun, which, when entered into the X-ray machine, showed an organic content that did not correspond to what was indicated on the shipping waybill.

The scans did not match the content list on the shipping waybill. Photo: Guardia Nacional December 16, 2023.

“Upon carrying out a thorough inspection, a green dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana was found, weighing approximately 598 kilograms, inside high-vacuum sealed bags. The apparent drug was seized and made available to the Federal Public Ministry Agency.”

National Guard says their random parcel checks are carried out “in order to prevent the transfer of firearms, substances illicit or undeclared paper money.”