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Grupo Bimbo using biodegradable plastic packaging

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico City will be the first in the country to utilize the new biodegradable plastics used by Groupo Bimbo.

The baked goods company says that as of October, they will begin using 100 percent biodegradable plastic for more of its products. The company says the plastic used will completely degrade in 180 days and will be used to package its Vital bread products.

Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo, says that in addition to protecting the quality and freshness of the product, the new packaging can be mixed with organic waste.

“It is the first step we take as a company globally in the use of compostable packaging through innovation (…) Mexico will be a pioneer in the use of this new technology,” he said during the presentation.

Servitje explained that packaging innovation constitutes one of the four axes of the company’s path in waste management. The other three are reduction of the use of plastic, recycling and environmental culture.

“Currently, a lot of the packaging of our products in Mexico are already biodegradable and are also one hundred percent recyclable, that is to say that they are integrated into nature without leaving residue,” said the director.

He explained that the current environmental situation requires that companies, governments, scientific communities and society join forces, get involved and generate new ideas to continue advancing on the issue.