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Group arrested for dismantling Playa del Carmen street lights

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A group of workers along with their supervisor and a crane, were handed over to the Public Ministry after they were seen dismantling street lights.

Police were notified of a group of workers taking down the newly installed LED streetlights in the area of the Playa del Carmen Theater just off Ave. 115. Police surprised the group when they arrived and began questioning the supervisor who said they were owed 80,000 peso from the previous administration of Cristina Torres and, taking justice into their own hands, decided to take back the LED streetlights.

The person in charge is reported to be with the company CYSCE SA de CV, claiming the unpaid city debt.

Police arrested the crew and its supervisor and seized the white crane used for dismantling the street lights. All were taken before the public prosecutor. There is no word yet on the outcome.