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Governor says INM following procedures for admission into country

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor Carlos Joaquín González clarified that regarding complaints of certain Latin American citizens being “treated as criminals”, INM officials are part of the security plan for the state and are following procedures for admission into the country.

The comments came after complaints by citizens of Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina who claim to have been “treated as criminals”. Several said they were isolated and returned to their country of origin by personnel of del Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) at the International Airport of Cancun.

In response, Joaquín González said that INM is part of the security plan and that state security must be preserved since there are several criminal gangs integrated by foreigners, mainly from Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. He added that many of them have already been dismantled.

However, given this situation, INM officers have paid special attention to the fulfillment of all the requirements for admission in Mexico such as having lodging, a return ticket and sufficient resources to pay for their stay, he stated.

“It is obvious that those who were rejected have some kind of protest about it, but INM ensures us that they follow protocol,” he said, adding that there is already a monitoring by Human Rights given the complaints generated.