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Gatell says six states now reporting covid increases

Mexico City, Mexico — Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health says there are now six states reporting an increase in covid cases, one of which is Quintana Roo. During his Tuesday report, Gatell noted that the states of Baja California Sur, Campeche, Sinaloa, Veracruz, Yucatán and Quintana Roo continue to show increases.

“In two of them, the increase is very substantial, (…) Yucatán and Quintana Roo. We have made a call for certain activities to be reduced so that there can be a reduction in infections,” he said.

The official added that the rise in Baja California Sur cases is less intense, but there is a significant increase.

“We have been decreasing for 21 weeks, although in the last week, we already had an area of increase of 8 percentage points which is mainly explained by six states that currently have an increase in cases,” López-Gatell explained during his morning report.

“In two of them, it is a very substantial increase, Quintana Roo and Yucatán. We have called for the reduction of certain activities where people congregate to reduce infections,” stressed the undersecretary.

Gatell also said that in the other states reporting an increase in positive cases, work will be done in Baja California Sur, Campeche , Sinaloa and Veracruz.

“In these six states we are going to be working. The collaboration of state governments is very good, there is a great sense of responsibility and a very immediate and dedicated response as there has been throughout the epidemic,” he added.