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Four kids left alone rescued from burning locked room

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Four children were pulled from a house fire unharmed Monday by Playa del Carmen firemen. The children were reported heard yelling for help by neighbors who called firemen after seeing smoke coming from the home.

Solidaridad firemen responding to the afternoon emergency call arrived to find the children behind a locked door. Firemen were able to break the lock and free the children who were trapped inside.

The fire was reported around 2:30 p.m. inside a house along 98th Street in the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood. The children were removed from the room and a burning mattress extinguished after apparently it began to burn due to an electrical fault touching the mattress.

The entire room they were locked in burned.

The four children were evaluated by paramedics and treated for mild smoke inhalation before being transferred by the Grupo Especializado de Atención a la Violencia Familiar y de Género (Geavig) police to a state safe house until authorities were able to determine why the four children were alone.