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Firefighters Crossing Borders donate unit to Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — A fully equipped Fire and Rescue unit has been donated to the municipality of Tulum by the international organization, Firefighters Crossing Borders.

The delivery of the unit was made Monday to municipal president, Victor Mas Tah, who thanked them for the vehicle, saying it will be very useful for emergencies around the municipalities and communities.

“This is a very important contribution for firefighters since it is strengthening the institution and increases the vehicle equipment, which is the result of the spirit of support,” he said.

The Fire and Rescue unit was transferred to Tulum from the United States. Mas Tah made a special thanks to those who participated in the procedures for the transfer of the vehicle from the U.S. He said the town of Tulum is grateful to Firefighters Crossing Borders and United Firefighters for this donation.

The keys for the Fire and Rescue vehicle were handed over to the Director of Municipal Firefighters, James Bracamonte Ramírez, along with 300 items of equipment for staff.

At the ceremony, representative of Bomberos Cruzando Fronteras, Moisés Castellón, said that training will also be provided so that they can perform their emergency care actions effectively.