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Feds seize U.S. plated truck, driver and cannabis gummies

Tijuana, Baja California — More than 5,200 jars of cannabis gummies were seized after illegally entering Mexico. The product was detected at the Otay International Border when authorities, with the help of an onsite narcotics dog, found the product was made with cannabis.

The boxes were being transported in the back of a pickup truck with Arizona license plates, which authorities noticed entered the country illegally. The American man driving the truck said he had accidentally entered Mexico.

Horacio Duarte, General Administrator of Customs noted that a review of his shipment was made, which is when border officials found the four boxes of cannabis gummies containing 5,265 jars labeled “cannabis-based-articles”.

The product and truck were seized, while the driver was arrested and made available to the Attorney General’s Office.