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Feds seize over 4 tons of methamphetamine from Sinaloa building

Carboneras, Sinaloa — A search inside a building in the town of Carboneras lead police to the discovery of more than four tons of methamphetamine. The Attorney General’s Office of Sinaloa reported the finding on Thursday.

The agency said that a search was made in a building located in the town of Carboneras, in the state of Sinaloa, after a warrant was issued. Inside, elements from the Federal Public Ministry, the Federal Ministerial Police and the Criminal Investigation Agency seized over four tons of methamphetamine.

The seizure consisted of 2,419 liters of methamphetamine, 199 liters of acetone, 499 grams of heroin and 198 grams of fentanyl in addition to scales, gas tanks and freezers.