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Expansion of Cozumel cruise terminal announced

Cozumel, Q.R. — Due to the large arrival of cruise ships to Cozumel, the expansion of the SSA Mexico terminal has been announced.

The terminal will see an expansion that will allow additional docking capacity with an investment of 56 million peso. The Cozumel International Cruise Terminal dock modernization project involves the construction of a Duque de Alba in the maritime concession area and the extension of the current gangway at the Cozumel International Cruise Terminal dock in the federal maritime zone.

This seeks to expand the operating capacity of the dock to be able to serve up to three cruise ships simultaneously and extend its life by 50 years.

The Cozumel International Cruise Terminal has been operating since 1974. During these years of operation, the terminal has undergone different modifications. The terminal currently has a two-position open pier with an approximate total length of 400 meters consisting of a walkway and two Duques de Alba for mooring and an additional land access walkway of approximately 120 meters in length.

To cover the growing tourist demand that the terminal has, the modernization project can guarantee the simultaneous berthing of up to three cruise ships.

According to the Environmental Impact Statement, the required investment is 56.6 million peso, of which 29.1 million will be allocated to the construction of the walkway, 25 million to the Duque de Alba and 2.5 million to the implementation of measures of mitigation and environmental compensation.

Alicia Ricalde Magaña, director of the Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo said that this is a sign of the confidence in the tourism potential of the island in addition to the growth projections that the island will continue to have over the next several years.