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Everything is being done to keep Playa del Carmen beaches clean reports mayor after sargassum landfall

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Mayor Lili Campos says everything is being done to keep Playa del Carmen beaches clean for as long as possible. Campos says that prevention, containment and attention actions have been initiated to reduce the negative impact that the arrival of sargassum could generate in high tourism seasons.

These actions are efficiently coordinated between the municipal, state and federal governments, as well as with the Secretary of the Navy, hotels, service providers, social groups and the general population.

Campos stressed that using machinery causes beach erosion, which is why the sargassum is removed manually. She also said that sand recovery from the collected sargassum will continue and will be used to fill in areas that have suffered wear and tear.

Beaches that have benefited from the return of the sand include Fundadores beach, Punta Esmeralda, Xcalacoco, Playas 88, 72 and 14 with the most notable being El Recodo in the city’s center.

Last week, Lourdes Ocampo who heads Playa del Carmen Zofemat, reported that the excessive landfall of sargassum at El Recodo could lead to its temporary closure against this year.

Last year, that same beach was shut for several weeks while cleaning crews removed tons of brown algae that had collected in the natural cove.