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Elements deployed as Spring vacation nears in Mexican Caribbean

Cancun, Q.R. — Additional security has been deployed around the state with the arrival of visitors for Spring vacation. Governor Mara Lezama highlighted the security actions that are being implemented in the Mexican Caribbean before the official start of the vacation period.

“We work daily in joint actions to reinforce security and ensure a presence is maintained on all beaches with elements of the Navy, National Guard, Tourist Police and State Police,” she stressed.

Nearly 500 additional elements have been deployed in the busy tourists areas. Lezama said that municipal and state police, Civil Protection, firefighters, consular representatives, National Guard, the Navy and the FGE are part of the extra elements.

Additional security is also being implemented to monitor bars and nightclubs. Along beaches, there are Immediate Attention Center tents where there are closed circuit cameras in addition to the monitoring that is carried out from the C5 headquarters in Cancun.

She reiterated that Quintana Roo and its different tourist destinations are safe communities, noting the 3.8 million people who have already visited the Mexican Caribbean between January and February of this year.