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Eight killed and at least15 injured in ADO bus accident outside Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Eight people were killed Sunday after an ADO passenger bus overturned approximately 70 kilometers from Cancun. The bus was carrying 40 passengers when it collided with a truck and ended up overturned in a ditch.

The accident happened around 10:40 a.m. Sunday on a section of Kantunilkin-Cancún highway near the town of El Tintal. The bus, which was traveling at highway speed, collided with the back of a dump truck. From there, it veered off the road and tumbled onto its side as it headed down into a ditch.

The impact caused the entire front windshield of the bus to collapse, while a majority of the front of the bus engine was crushed inward. So far, eight people are reported dead and at least 15 injured.

In a brief statement, the FGE reported “the FGE Quintana Roo informs that it began the investigation related to the accident of a passenger bus on the Kantunilkin-Cancún highway almost at the height of El Tintal del Mpio de Lázaro Cárdenas; At the moment, 8 people are reported to have lost their lives,” adding that four of the eight victims have been identified.

The deceased have been identified as CBCB from Campeche, LAMC from Mexico City, KLHB from Quintana Roo and JN of foreign origin. The nationality of the foreign passenger has not been released. The dead consist of five men and three women. The ADO bus had just left Cancun with 40 passengers when the accident happened. Details on the cause of the accident were not provided.