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Drug leader located after three Tulum property searches

Tulum, Q.R. — In three weekend search operations, Tulum police report arresting two males and seizing various narcotics and other illegal objects. The operations were carried out in collaboration with the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security in Quintana Roo.

Between the three property searches, police reported seizing various amounts of marijuana, ecstasy, powdered and crack cocaine, as well as various objects for the manufacture and distribution of narcotics.

They also seized numerous bullets of various calibers. The homes were searched and the items seized due to the issuance of search warrants. The properties searched were located on Saturno Street, Sol Poniente Street and on Calle Sol Poniente.

Alex “G” has been identified as a designated drug dealing leader in Tulum. February 19, 2023.

All three properties searched were private homes.

In this last property, Alex “G”, designated as the leader of a group dedicated to drug dealing in the municipality of Tulum, was taken into police custody.