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Drones released in another Tulum surveillance operation

Tulum, Q.R. — Police have implemented the use of aerial surveillance again in the seaside town of Tulum. During a Wednesday operation, several drones were deployed over the coastal area of the town as aide to authorities carrying out a monitoring operation.

Members of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) were stationed at both the invasion area and along the coastal road where the drones were released.

It is the second operation already this year where police have used overhead aerial surveillance to search and monitor known troubled areas.

In early February, police participated in more than 100 fly overs along the coastal area, specifically in Aldea Zama, in one week. At the time, authorities reported 108 drone flights covering 708 kilometers of Tulum coast in search of vehicles known used in crimes.

Police, seen here, were in the Tulum coastal area Wednesday using drones in a surveillance and monitoring operation.
Photo: SSC March 20, 2024.

During the Wednesday operation, the SSC said “in order to guarantee the order and tranquility of the inhabitants and tourists in the municipality of Tulum, different overflights are carried out with the team of drone pilots, who, on this occasion, supervised the entire coastal and invasion area.

State police monitor a busy area of Tulum Wednesday. Photo: SSC March 20, 2024.

“This dynamic is part of the strategies in the fight against crime and with this the coordination between the different security entities of the three levels of government is reinforced.”