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Deputy proposes cameras be installed in state public transport units

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Public transport units across the state could be required to have cameras installed. Quintana Roo Deputy Susana Hurtado Vallejo made the proposal last week.

In her proposal to Congress, she said that Quintana Roo buses and taxis should consider security cameras and possibly a panic button given the amount of crimes on public transport. Those cameras would be connected to the C5 in Cancun.

She detailed that last year alone, more than 400 criminal incidences were recorded on Quintana Roo public transport.

Having at least cameras would improve security for both the passengers and the public transport drivers.

“With cameras, the passenger will have greater confidence and security when using public transport since they will be aware that their transfer will be monitored at all times,” she explained.

Her proposal was made at a time when state authorities are revamping the Mobility Law to accommodate digital companies like Uber.

If new laws are approved, they could include the mandatory installation of security cameras and panic buttons.

Hurtado Vallerjo said that last year, of the 400 public transport crimes registered in Quintana Roo, 60 percent were against passengers.