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Dead hammerhead found on central Playa del Carmen beach

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A dead hammerhead shark was reported washed up on a central beach of Playa del Carmen Friday by beachgoers.

According to information provided by la Dirección de Medio Ambiente y Cambio Climático, the report of the shark was registered by la Zona Federal Marítimo Terrestre when it was seen on the beach at 10th Street in central Playa del Carmen.

Staff from Dirección de Medio Ambiente y Cambio Climático arrived to verify the report and arrange for the removal of the body. They say that the hammerhead shark was a male measuring 205 cm in length with a 44 cm wide head.

“He was removed and transferred so studies could be conducted to find out the possible cause of death,” they said.

The shark is the fourth discovery of dead marine life along Playa del Carmen beaches. Over the past few months, three sea turtles were also found dead in Cocobay and on Punta Esmeralda. The causes of those deaths have not been released.