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Criminal leader arrested in Playa del Carmen, police want others

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police in Playa del Carmen have arrested two people, one of which they say is the ring leader for the criminal group Pelones.

In a press conference, the Secretary of State Public Security, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, said a poster of others alleged related to the criminal group has been released for public assistance in the event they are seen.

The police chief stressed the importance of the arrest of the head of the group, since he is believed to be a criminal leader and generator of violence through extortion.

On Monday night, police arrested two people in the Villas del Sol region of Playa del Carmen. Taken into custody were 18-year-old Maria Trinidad N and 43-year-old Ernesto N, a man believed to head the criminal ring.

On the poster released by police are his brother, Víctor N, along with Jesús Guillermo, Juan José, Ricardo Andrés, Pedro N, Luis Jair, Héctor Eduardo and Dorián Eduardo. Capella Ibarra says the poster will be distributed on social networks so that the public can denounce them if seen and help with their capture.

Capella said that they are believed to be the main generators of violence in the city, mainly for extorting businessmen and being intimately linked to drug trafficking.