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Cozumel man captured with bloodied shirt arrested for attempted femicide

Cozumel, Q.R. — An island man accused of attacking a woman and her father with a knife was arrested in Cozumel Thursday. Municipal Police responding to the report were able to locate the suspect after being provided with a description by the bloodied victim.

The woman was interviewed with several cuts to her upper body. She told police the man who attacked her and her father was her boyfriend. The boyfriend was found nearby and arrested. He was taken into custody with a bloodied shirt.

In a statement, Seguridad Ciudadana Cozumel (Cozumel Citizen Security) said the suspect was arrested for attempted femicide.

The agency reported that during crime prevention tours, elements of the Public Security Directorate received a report on an incident on 65th Avenue between 37th and 39th South.

Upon arrival, officers met with a woman who told them that her partner attacked her and her father with a knife and that at that moment she was fleeing.

Police began searching for the accused observing on 65th Avenue a male who met the given characteristics and who was accompanied by elements of the Navy Secretariat. Upon approaching, they reported the accusations against the male who was immediately handed over to police. Those affected also arrived at the scene and confirmed the identity of their attacker.

Police requested an ambulance for the woman who was found bleeding with seriuos injuries. The boyfriend had “apparent blood stains” on his shirt at the time of his capture.

The 41 year old boyfriend was formally arrested and transferred to the Public Security facilities “for his probable participation in the commission of the crime of attempted femicide.”