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Cozumel beachgoers snap photos of deer cooling off

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel beachoers were surprised Friday to see a deer enjoying the sea. The animal was watched by beachgoers at Mr. Sanchos Beach Club as he ran along the sand. Some at the beach club were able to snap a few photos of the animal.

It is believed that the animal arrived to cool off since the region has seen soaring temperatures of between 35 and 40C (95 to 104F) for nearly a month. The excessive heat, combined with a lack of rainfall, has kept local beaches busy.

Initially, those from shore who saw the animal believed it to be a shark, however, as it came closer to shore, people realized it was a deer, which are common in the region.

When the deer reached shore, a local tourist provider went in search of it to escort it back to the forest. Beachgoers at Mr. Sanchos captured the deer’s personal escort as he swam beside the kayak.