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Cozumel approves 270 million for spending on public projects and security

Cozumel, Q.R. — Approximately 270 million pesos has been approved for spending on social infrastructure and security lags. During the plenary assembly of the Planning Committee for the Municipal Development of Cozumel, administration approved the first modification to the Annual Investment Program (PIA).

The motficiation will be for the fiscal year 2023, which will allow the application of a historic investment for security and public work projects.

The Tuesday meeting was headed by Mayor Juanita Alonso Marrufo, who was accompanied by Technical Secretary, Eduardo Sánchez Aguilar, who voted unanimously for the first modification to the Annual Investment Program (PIA) for fiscal year 2023.

The modification is with respect to the Contribution Fund for Social Infrastructure (Faismun), the Contribution Fund for Municipal Strengthening (Fortamun), as well as special agreements and own resources.

With this approval, the municipality is in a position to apply around 270 million pesos, of which 140 correspond to its own resources and environmental sanitation, which will be allocated to priority issues such as security and the lag in public works.

Alonoso Marrufo said this amount will be a historic investment that will benefit the island’s residents, which, she said, is the product of the work carried out by the current administration, generated by the transparency with which the resources have been managed.