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Covid vaccination program for state’s education workers begins

Cancun, Q.R. — Vaccine programs around the state have begun for teachers and other education workers. In days since the vaccine campaign announcement, thousands have signed up.

Carlos Gorocica, undersecretary of Education for the northern zone says approximately 80 percent of the region’s 15,800 education workers have already signed up. He says he hopes the other 20 percent will soon follow.

“I hope that during the day, the other 20 percent will enroll, discounting those who have already been vaccinated (by age),” said Gorocica.

The vaccination program will begin May 18 and run until May 21 in the various municipalities. Gorocica says that between those dates, education workers from both the private and public sectors in Cancun, Chetumal, Isla Mujeres, Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Cozumel can sign up.

Across the state, there are 27,736 education workers who have already confirmed their vaccination appointment, with another 1,538 saying they have already been vaccinated. Gorocica says there will not be any crowds this time.

“The goal is to vaccinate at more than 400 per hour. We have 23 vaccination certificates, 10 given by Sesa from the state and the other 13 that are distributed among five from the IMSS, one from the ISSSTE and the remaining others are from the Secretariat of the Navy,” he explained.

Education workers will be vaccinated with a single dose of Cansino.

Earlier this week, the head of the Federal Education Authority of Mexico City, Luis Humberto Fernández, announced they have began the task of cleaning all its schools and performing maintenance for a possible return to classes.

On Saturday, the Tamaulipas Ministry of Education says they have scheduled the return of face-to-face classes for May 31. The return to classes, which will be a pilot phase, will include both private and public schools.