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Covid sanitary filters, road restrictions to remain for another week

Cancun, Q.R. — The state of Quintana Roo will stay as-is for another week with an orange epidemiological light. On Thursday night, governor Carlos Joaquin announced that things will remain the same despite an increase in infections in the municipalities of Solidaridad, Cozumel and Othón P. Blanco.

Joaquin detailed that while most municipalities have reported either a decrease or a stabilization, the other three municipalities have not. Tulum registered a decrease of 52 percent, but places like Bacalar have recorded an increase of 16 percent and Othón P. Blanco 29 percent, a situation the governor described as “highly worrisome with a totally upward curve and a hospital occupancy that reached more than 60 percent with several people intubated. There is beginning to be a greater number of infections.”

He noted that Isla Mujeres increased by 29 percent, but maintains a downward trend, however, Solidaridad recorded an increase of 33 percent, the highest figure recorded since the start of the pandemic.

“Here the participation of all the Solidaridad city council has to participate with much more force and with all the programs that we must carry out together, precisely to be able to stop this rising curve from reaching very high levels,” he said.

He also noted that last week, nearly 1,300 vehicles were filtered along Kukulcán Boulevard of the Cancun Hotel Zone. Sanitary filters were installed in 12 of the city’s 41 flea markets filtering 16,176 people (so far) and issuing 1,725 rapid tests of which 119 positives were detected.

In Punta Cancún, 99,156 people were filtered through two pedestrian filters and 1,120 rapid tests were applied, of which 67 positives were detected. The State Secretariat of Health has already installed eight rapid test modules at various busy points in Cancun, applying 1,997 tests from June 4 to 8, of which 105 were positive.

“Detection allows us to avoid up to 200 infections per person if they go into crowded places, therefore, these sanitary filters, as well as vaccinations, are important,” explained the governor.

With the state remaining in an orange light, the closure of roads, sanitary filters and the additional supervision of busy places such as shopping malls and public transport facilities will continue. He has asked people to be respectful of closing hours in establishments and health protocols in public spaces.