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“Completely drugged” man believed responsible for intentionally starting forest fire

Tepoztlán, Morelos — Authorities have arrested one person believed responsible for a massive forest fire in Morelos. The wooded area of Tepoztlán in the state of Morelos has been fully engulfed in flames for nearly two full days.

The fire was reported to Civil Protection around 4:00 p.m. Tuesday. The fire, which has spread quickly to engulf a large section of Tepozteco hillside, is burning in the area of Los Corredores of the state of Morelos.

On Wednesday, Gabino Rodríguez, head of the Tejones Tepoztlán Fire Brigade said that a man was found “enjoying” the fire. He was located between 6 and 7:00 p.m. by firefighters in the burning brush after they heard him “screaming” in protest to them extinguishing his flames.

More than 100 forest firefighters and 52 units were sent to battle the flames on the ground while two MI-17 helicopters attempt to extinguish the fire from above. As of Thursday evening, the 74-hectare fire was only 20 percent contained.

Rodriguez said that the arrested individual, who was videoed by them, was “completely drugged”.