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Company moves forward with Playa del Carmen parking meter plans

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The company granted the concession to install parking meters in central Playa del Carmen has begun moving forward with plans to install the meters.

Antonio Terrazas Lara, director of infrastructure for Solidaridad, says the company Promotora de Reordenamiento Urbano SA de CV has begun moving forward with the delivery of official paperwork to city council.

He says last week, the company delivered the documentation endorsing the concession granted to them by both the last municipal administration and state congress. He explained that they are in the process of producing a mobility plan for the center of the city in order to adapt the necessary areas for the installation of the meters.

“They already presented us with the documentation of the concession and now, as city council, we have to give them the facilities to execute that permit that state congress gave them.

“They said that this week, they will deliver the complete project with the plans that they have authorized, requesting a first meeting,” explained Terrazas Lara.

He went on to say that once the legal documentation is presented, the next step will be to evaluate the project and adapt it to the physical spaces of the streets and sidewalks in the first square of the city to ensure free passage of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Earlier this month, Solidaridad legal director René Medrano Ríos, said they were going to look for legal avenues to reverse the concession however, Terrazas Lara says that city council must adhere to the legality and rights granted to Promotora de Reordenamiento Urbano SA de CV.

“The concession is already given. Yes we have to review it and make sure that their plans do not interfere with other plans we have for the urban development of the city center.

“They still need to get their work permits, but since congress already gave them the concession, it is difficult and we have to abide by what congress has authorized.”

The concession was delivered by the last administration headed by Cristina Torres Gómez to Promotora de Reordenamiento Urbano SA de CV, with a validity of 15 years which includes the installation of parking meters and a cycling circuit in the first square of the city that will run from Juárez to Constituyentes and from Avenue 30 to 10.