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City council considering reversal of Playa del Carmen parking meter concession

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Authorities with the Municipality of Solidaridad are considering the reversal of a concession already granted to a company for the installation of parking meters in Playa del Carmen.

Solidaridad legal director, René Medrano Ríos says that the technical analyzes carried out by city planning engineers from city council indicates that the installation of parking meters would restrict pedestrian traffic due to the narrowness of the sidewalks.

“This administration does not see the issue of parking meters for the mobility of Playa del Carmen as a solution. Evaluations have already been carried out on the subject, and we see that there are areas where parking meters would leave people on wheelchairs unable to move on sidewalks,” adding that it “would limit pedestrians to practically walking in single file,” he said.

During the last administration, a concession for the implementation of parking meters in Playa del Carmen was granted to Promotora de Reordenamiento Urbano SA de CV.

Former Playa del Carmen mayor Cristina Torres Gómez, reported last summer that the concession involves putting parking meters in the first square of the city between 10th Avenue and Avenida 30, as well as between Avenida Juarez and Constituyentes Avenue.

That area, reiterated Medrano Ríos, “does not have the physical conditions to adapt parking meters.”

He added that although state congress approved the parking meter concession for a period of 15 years, the Legal Affairs Department is reviewing the granting process of the concession.

“We see certain inconsistencies in how the granting of the concession was carried out. Yes, they followed the procedure, but we are reviewing that file in conjunction with the Comptroller General and the Office of the Mayor to see if there are elements that could help us argue from a legal standpoint, why they should not be installed,” he explained.