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CNDH points to the municipal president of Tulum to repair damages caused by excessive force arrest that killed Salvadorian woman

Tulum, Q.R. — Five months after Tulum police were arrested for the death of a Salvadorian woman, the the National Commission for Human Rights Humans (CNDH) as issued recommendations.

The recommendations have been directed toward the current mayor, Victor Mas Tah. In their ruling, the CNDH has said that Mas Tah, together with the Executive Commission for Victim Attention, fully repair, with fair and sufficient compensation, the damage caused to the victims in the death of Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza.

According to the recommendation of la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH), the municipal authority must grant medical and psychological care as required by the victim’s family to guarantee a physical, mental and emotional recovery.

The municipality of Tulum must also collaborate in the follow-up of the complaint presented before the Coordination of Internal Affairs of that municipality, or the authority with powers to do so, against the responsible public servants.

Mas Tah must also give a training course on human rights to the personnel of the General Directorate of Public Security and Traffic who perform public security functions, with emphasis on the obligations established in the Basic Principles and the Code of Conduct, as well as in the on the prevention of gender violence.

In the event that administrative responsibility of the authorities involved in the case is determined, it is requested to include a copy of this recommendation in their employment records and offer an institutional public apology to the indirect victims and other relatives of the deceased person. The municipality is also responsible for providing comprehensive reparation for the damages caused, including fair compensation.

On March 27, Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza was arrested by Tulum police. During her arrest, police are alleged to have used excessive use of force, causing her death. Those involved in the arrest were taken into custody.