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Civil Protection reports 15 water rescues along Cancun beaches

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun Civil Protection says that during the first days of the holiday season, 15 water rescues were made along 11 city beaches, a majority of which were alcohol-related.

Antonio de Jesús Riverol, the Directorate of Civil Protection from the municipality Benito Juárez, said a total of 15 water rescues were made by Cancun lifeguards across 11 of Cancun’s beaches during the holidays, noting that more than half of them were due to people swimming while intoxicated.

He says none of the rescues were serious and no deaths resulted. He did say, however, that many beachgoers ignore the warning flags set out by lifeguards and enter the sea during high winds and rough waters.

De Jesús Riverol added that most of the incidents occurred at Playa Defines in the Cancun Hotel Zone, which is noted for having the strongest currents. He says a lot of people ignore the lifeguards, their messages and warnings and enter the water, thinking they can beat the current.

He explained that there are 28 lifeguards distributed across the city’s beaches that are on duty until 5:00 p.m. and that after that time, it is not recommended that people enter the sea since there are no lifeguards on duty.

The Civil Protection director did mention that there is one permanent lifeguard stationed in the Cancun Hotel Zone fire station who is available for Emergency 911 calls.

He says people visiting the beaches should avoid swimming after drinking alcoholic beverages and beachgoers should pay attention to the flags that are placed in the sand along Cancun beaches.