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City officials demolish illegal Cancun beach clubs

Cancun, Q.R. — City officials, escorted by federal forces, arrived at a beach area of Cancun Wednesday to dismantle two illegal beach clubs. The illegal beach clubs along Playa Gaviota Azul in the Punta Cancun area were removed by city officials after they were found operating without permits.

One of the beach clubs was demolished with the help of heavy machinery, while the other, which consisted of illegal posts and beach furniture, was removed manually by city officials. The dismantling of the two clubs was the result of complaints filed by citizens and businesses several weeks ago.

Complaints were filed with the FGE for the dispossession of a concession to the Plaza Forum and the owners of the Mandala Beach Club, who were instructed to remove illegally erected poles on the beach. However, when they failed to comply, city officials arrived.

Vice prosecutor Carlos Maya confirmed the illegal beach clubs and their removal from the public Cancun beach area Wednesday morning. The complaints revealed that the owners of the clubs prohibited people from using the beach if they refused to rent chairs and umbrellas. Heavy machinery along with several dump trucks were brought in to help with the removal.