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City of Cancun to inject 37 million more into public security for next year

Cancun, Q.R. — An additional 37 million peso will be injected into the city of Cancun public security fund next year. The extra money will allow for the purchase of radios and surveillance equipment as well as training.

José Pablo Mathey Cruz, head of Ministry of Public Security of Benito Juárez, says the 2023 budget increase is considerably more than last year’s budget. The additional money will be used to expand on police equipment, he said.

“The increase we have for next year is 37 million peso for the Ministry of Public Security. We have several projects including academy certification, lapel cameras and the acquisition of radios and electronic surveillance equipment. Security is the mayor’s commitment,” he said in an interview.

He says the increased budget will allow for the certification of police elements and the improvement of personnel.

José Pablo Mathey Cruz, Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de Benito Juárez

He added that the City of Cancun has a lease agreement for 137 units, but due to the payments that have not been covered, not all of them are operating. He also said that they have a goal to hire 150 more police officers for next year.

Mathey Cruz said the additional 150 officers was the city’s goal for 2022, but due to a lack of interest, only 50 additional officers were hired.

“Starting in January, the job market will be open for anyone who wants to join in serving and protecting the citizenry,” he said adding that at the moment, there are 1,643 active officers in the municipality.