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City of Cancun begins public testing of ecological buses

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun public transport companies Turican and Autocar are testing ecological buses in the city. The testing began this week on two of the city’s popular routes. If all goes well, the city is hoping to incorporate the units on additional routes, however, at the moment, they are only testing on Route 1 and the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The bus currently being tested is electric. In coming weeks, a bus that runs on natural gas will arrive and also be tested. After that, another that runs on diesel will be trucked in and tested.

Santiago Carillo Sánchez, representative of Autocar, said the first of the buses being tested is electric and is Asian made. It has a passenger capacity for 25 and cost 4 million peso.

The second bus scheduled to arrive in March is Brazilian made, runs on natural gas and will be tested for a month. The natural gas bus, when it arrives, will be test driven along Bonampak Avenue.

After that, a diesel bus from Colombia will also arrive for testing. The city will continue testing the buses until May.

Carillo says the tests are a first approach with the companies in order to determine their viability. They are also being tested for their performance, to see if they can withstand heavy rains and flooding.